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Blurry Dayzzz

Blurry days

  Pass by

One at a time

  And only a few

Stick in the head

   Smoky days

Foggy ones

   But sometimes

One of them will be clear

   And impactful 

And it’ll shape and mold

  But those ones

Are rare 

  And you can’t force them

Or seek them

  They just greet you in random pockets

Like a sunrise that stops you in your tracks

   Or getting caught in the rain

Life is the stage 

  And we are the actors

And we are the audience

  “Read your lines, young man.

“Stand over there.

 “Clap here

“Light up faces

   “And force a smile.”

Like you, I’m guessing,

  I seek a story

To escape into

   Something that's more interesting then

This little life of mine

  This little light of mine

It ain’t enough 

  It ain’t enough . . .

There’s just too many blurry days

   That all feel the same 

Too many smoky memories

   That all look the same

When I play them back 

All these goofy ass people

 They look the same

They sound the same

  And to be different then them

    Is to be insane

Oh well.

CH 2/7/24

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