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Better than Heaven

When her lips

Scare you

And make your heart


That’s when

You should jump

And meet those lips with your own

And if she meets you

In the middle

Then, my friend

That’s when you stop thinking

And start feeling

That’s when you get lost in her

And all of the sensations

That only a beautiful woman

That you care about

Can make you feel

It overwhelms you

That tingling down the body

While your head floats into the stratosphere

Makes you forget all about your little ego

And your ‘self’

Melts into an


And in that moment

I think we get a small glimpse

At one of the meanings of


Making great love

To someone who scares you

Someone who cares about you

It helps keep the darkness away

It keeps death at bay

So do it

And do it again

And again

And again

And again

In every kind of way

Do it as many times as you can

Until the boy

Becomes a man

Until she becomes

A woman that feels safe letting to do

Whatever it that you want to

Find the warmth to life

Between your sheets

And let out

Your inner freak

It’s probably a sneak peak

At heaven

And if heaven is better that that,

Well. . .

I doubt that it is, actually.

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