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Being Human

As a human


You are lost

And sometimes

You are in love

Sometimes you are home

But you still feel

All alone

Sometimes you’re insufferably bored

And other times

You’re in the chaos

Sometimes your life is headed in one direction

And then



And you and your path


Sometimes, you realize you don’t love her anymore

While she is

Laying naked in your arms

And you know

That she deserves something that you can’t give her

But missing her

Like you will

Will feel like there are rocks in your stomach

And you’ll sink with every step

But you know

That if you fake it for her

That really

You are

Drowning her

And she was created to fly

Sometimes, life is sitting on the couch

Watching your favorite show

Clung to it like the blanket you had as a babe

And you don’t move


5 days

Except to get ice cream out of your fridge

Sometimes, life is rainy days and holes in your socks

while on another occasion,

life is weddings and newborn nieces

Some days you write a book


You are dying

On the inside

And you can hardly breath

Through your clenched jaw

While every heartbeat

Shoots pain down your back

While, on other days

You write a funny poem about taking a shit.

Sometimes, we are radiant stars full of energy,

But on mondays

We can feel like

A wet street dog

Wandering around

Without anyone to love


Sometimes that dog bites us

And sometimes

That dog

Follows us home

And our lonely house

Feels a little less like

A jail cell.

-CH 8.7.23

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