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Artificial Blossoms

What songs will this suffering produce?

What art?

What books?

What lessons??

Will we even learn from this??

Can seeds grow in this climate of chains and lies?

Can a seed grow in a digital world?

Maybe we will become

artificial blossoms?

This future we have coming,

it's unpredictable.

A million different variables now,

all going a million different ways.

Don’t you see it??!

This technology that’s sprouted out of the brains of the few,

it’s taking us on a ride,

and I don’t think there are any brakes on this bitch.

I like to swear

and why shouldn’t I??

With this suffering and unpredictable future,

what’s a swear word now and then??

What’s some sex??

What’s some booze?

What’s some words being typed on a screen,

in an attempt to express what it feels like to be human,

to him,

the man that types?

What’s it all matter in the end??

Maybe people won’t even read in the future??

Maybe they will just watch their movies

and look at pictures of themselves on their phones?

Maybe algorithms will do the reading for them??

‘Hello future algorithm!!

How's the grass over there?

Any greener??

Ha! Ha!

I kid! I kid!

How much can you understand??

Can you understand the art of a mad genius??

How will you describe me to the humans??

Tell them the mad genius was handsome!

Ha! Ha!

What’s your name, future reader?

I bet no one has ever asked you that before??

Ha! Ha!

Well the man that types does!’

‘Don’t tell him,


I think he is losing it!

He's saying hello to a future algorithm

he assumes will read his writing some day!!!

These poets man,

I tell ya,

they’re as delusional as they come,

but Mr. Algorithm,

we can’t let him know that we know that he is crazy!

He’s a sensitive soul…’

I am not losing it.

I’m pretty damn sure this future is going to be bananas,

so why can’t my art go bananas??

It seems appropriate to me.

I don’t have a fancy education

I don’t express these feelings about being human properly

No, not by the standard of the squawking critique

I have an ‘internet and books’ education

Maybe in another universe,

in a different timeline,

one of me’s,

(or maybe many)

stuck with college.

I bet they’re boring

I bet they got indoctrinated

I bet they adapted to survive

and came out,

a spineless





I bet they wouldn’t say ‘hello’ to the future algorithm

that’s reading this right now.


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