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Another Night

Another night

Another woman I barely know

Hitting me up for sex

She’s a twenty minute drive away

I tell her to start without me

I’ll be there soon

She text me

Telling me she cam

I tell her to do it again

I’m still ten minutes away

I tell her to imagine it’s my fingers massaging her clit

I send her a picture

From a time when I was in better shape

She sends one back

I almost drive into oncoming traffic

Zooming in on the picture

I tell her I am already ready for her

She tells me that I better make her cum

I respond telling her not to worry

Her and I were going to have a lot of fun tonight

“We’ll see.”

She says

30 minutes later

And she is begging for me

My cock does his trick

Where he gets hard again 5 minutes afterwards

We fuck three times

In one hour

I woke up the next morning in my own bed

Still hard

I had to finish quickly

I have shit to write today

And a niece’s 3rd birthday party

I don’t have time to waste

Then I get a text

And it’s another one

I tell her that I don’t know if I can today

She responds by saying she has wine and a hot tub

“I’ll be over around 3.”

I’m 30 now

And I wonder

How much longer

My cock will be able to do his magic

This life of mine

It’s not sustainable

But for right now

It ain’t bad some nights.

I'll take them

while the cock can still do his magic for me

because some day

I'll be old

and probably need viagra

And what a bummer that'll be.


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