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An Anchored Heart

The heart

Has an anchor attached to it today

It sinks

And sinks

And sinks

Down into an infinite sea

Down into the blackness

Where the monsters live

I scream

But only bubbles come out

And the sound of my scream

Dies in front of my face

My only choice

Is to try to cut the line

And furiously head towards the light

Pumping my legs

Like a madman

I cut it

And look for the light

It's a dull ball

Miles above my head

I pump and pump

I know

I won’t make it


I have to try

My lungs start to burn

And my eyes

Start to shut

As I lose consciousness

Then I see her

A lone dolphin

She screams at me

And this scream

Pierces through the water

And echoes in the skull

With my last strength

I follow her

I grab a hold of her fin

And she escorts me to the shore

The warm light welcomes us

And I know

I couldn’t of seen the light again

If I was alone.


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