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He takes his sins

and with them and his pen

he writes them down for us to read

His confessions

Again and again and again

Peel back the skin

Look within

He has nothing to hide

He’s already told you all his lies

He just is now

He just is

He is raw for you to observe

Like the lion at the zoo

Behind the screen

Behind the bars


Again and again and again

He knows not where it will go

Only that it flows

and rolls

and slips and jabs

How it ends

No idea


an idea would be nice

A memory or a smell

A kiss or a punch

A punchline or flower petal

Anything would be nice

Anything but this

The ending he doesn’t know

Only that it should probably flow

Again and again and again

Once more

Through my lens

I'd rather die

Then blend in

Take that to the end

No matter how it may end…

Again and again and again

I became him

Another drink

While on the brink

On my own insanity

On the rocks

A little buzz

To loosen up

A little puff

So i can shut the fuck up

and listen and learn

while watching the world burn

Sit back and take notes

All while not giving up hope

If only if only if only

I wasn’t so broke.

Again and again and again

Until the bitter end my friend

Your stuck with me

And my pen

As long as I have one single ear

I’ll find a way

No matter where the mind goes

Where the wind blows

I sure as shit don’t know

But I'll row

I’ll row!

Up up we go

Again and again and again

More than my sins and confessions

More then peeling back my skin

More than my lens

More than all my life’s lessons

More than my blessings

It’s more

It’s it’s own thing

A new constantly changing creation

With each line

A new direction it goes

And it goes and goes and goes

To places that he and I don’t even know

Oh where that wind blows

Again and again and again

For no reason at all

except to fight against the night

For no reason at all

except to fight against the night


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