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Updated: Nov 23

Maybe it is all a dream?

Whose to tell me that it isn’t? Would you? Could you?

Would you try to wake me up?

. . .

It was all a dream

Inside the mind of a man

Who fell asleep

Years ago

In his bed is where he is

With a ceiling fan spinning above his head

He had been terrified to change

But also

Terrified to stay the same

And because of his existential crisis

He took a nap

When he woke up

He was in a different world

But to him

It was real



He lived his dream

But at least

He was in his own dream

And he wasn’t stuck in

Someone else’s

One time he had had a dream that he was stuck in his dogs dream

Who was also on his bed with him


Imagine being stuck in your dog's dream?

Imagine only existing in the minds of living things?

Would you wake him up?

Could you?


Should you?

My calf cramps

As I dream

And I wake up

In a puddle of sweet

And when I dream of sex with her

I’ll wake up sticky

And sometimes

I’ll wake up

Knowing that

I had been biting my lip

And clenching my jaw

And sometimes I’ll wake up

And not know which world is real

The one with my eyes closed

Or the one where I long to close my eyes again

Which one is real

And which one is the dream?

. . .

I wake up

And go to to the bathroom

Turn on the cold water

Let it get cold as hell

And then cup my hands under the stream

And splash my face with the collected cold water

And when i do that

The water turns to paint

Red colors me

I wipe my eyes

And peek in the mirror

But when my eyes open

The room isn’t there


I am in an old town

Where they carry revolvers and pistols

Where horses are tied to post outside of taverns

A world where when the wind blows

A tumbleweed goes head over heels

Down the dirt road

I hear a voice scream,

“There he is! The redface! The Indian! Get him!”

I turn around to see if I could identify who they are talking about


No one else is there

Only me and my dog

Who now looks like a small horse

I turn back and see them sprinting at me

One of them lifts up the pistol

And squeezes

I wake up with a headache

Right where the bullet was going to open up my flesh

CH 11/20/23

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