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The aura of the man 

Was growing

   It had been brewing

Dimly glowing

   Holding onto the thread of a dream 

Bottled in the deep

It raged like the sea does when she is hungry

      It went wild like a child can 

It was a sickness of the soul 

   That was felt by the man 

A storm inside

    A fire from the deep

A shadow on the white walls of the mind 

    The man took a leap

And drowned himself in the deep

    But a few seeds

He had hoped to plant some day

     Fell out his pocket

    As he raged against that sea

And they’ve been growing

   Stretching themselves upwards

In hope to reach the light 


They’ve reached the surface now

    And the man 

He reached the surface too

    Holding onto his tree

He emerged from the sea

    He escaped infinity

   One of his nine lives stayed behind

But he broke free

   And he had a whole new energy 

A whole new aura

    The world felt it

He felt it

    The man who had always felt small

Stood tall

    And he was no longer scared of the climb

Because he had overcome his fear of

The fall

CH 4/7/24

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