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4.2 Billion Years Old??

Updated: Feb 16

How come no one talks about how this earth is 4.2 billion years old?

    And that it was a planet full of lava and asteroids for a really really long time?

     Several hundred million years, roughly. 


    Our sun was 30% less bright back then

But there was no pollution

And how come no one talks about how many extinction events there have been?

     Or all of the ‘almost extinction’ events that happened?

       And that this planet has been a frozen planet multiple times? For millions of years at a             time?

     With volcanoes defrosting it between periods? 

3970 million years ago

    The first cells might’ve started zipping around here,

          And apparently, it might’ve started to rain for hundreds of millions of years.

We’ve been a lava and asteroid planet,

     And then a rainy planet with lightning strikes flashing in the sky's on repeat, while thunder roared in the background.

We’ve been an ice planet .

     And life probably started at the bottom of an ocean .

When earth was mostly underwater,

     Oxygen got burped out of the sea 2555 million years ago 

The history of this planet, Earth,

It is incredible.

Do we really think we are going to hurt it?

Don’t you think that it probably knows things?

4.2 billion years is pretty damn old.

I am on a 4.2 billion year old planet 

     With 7.2 billion different people on it

      With 30 trillion cells working in harmony together inside of my body 

         Surrounded by 400 billion stars

All numbers

     I cannot even begin to grasp . . .

But yet,

    They all makeup my life 

And what to make of that, 

   I have no idea.

CH 2/16/24

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