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15 Seconds To Find The Mind

I feel myself 

Getting sucked into

All of these screens.

The apps and the shows,

They take a–

–Oh shit!

The ad is over!

I have to go!


It's another ad.

43 seconds left,


Back to the show.

It's a good show,

And I don't feel like turning it off.

It is so easy

To get lost

In my screens.

Time to go again.


Another 15 seconds 

Between episodes;

Just enough time

To breathe.


Actually not.

It sucks me in


90 seconds to live.

To create.

To be.

Just enough time

To find my mind,

Just to lose it again.

The ladies in the bikini’s,

For an eharmoney commercial,

Cut my 90 seconds short,

And I get

Sucked back in

Before the commercial ends.

75 seconds this time.


I'll fall asleep out here–

With the TV on,

And my phone next me.

Asleep in the living room,

Where dreams feel more real than real–

And I can't tell

Which story is which


Or the shows?

Are they intertwined?

All of these stories,

Where do they go?

Inside the brain somewhere?

Like a memory,

That's fading away?

There characters,

What do they have to do with me?


Am I addicted to them?






So many stories.

Movies and shows

Are easier then books and lectures,

They're easier 

To consume.

They take less effort to participate in.

Just one more episode,

Then I'll fall asleep.

I work in the morning.

And I work all day,

So I can come home,

Smoke weed,

And watch my shows.

I am living in the digital world.

And I volunteer

To keep walking myself off of the plank. 


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