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Too Young To Be This Tired

Too young to be this tired.

This mouth for hire

With a body that will soon expire

Too young for this.

The mind aches

And the body is stiff

It’s unfair

I am too young for this.

The weight of the world

Anchoring the mind

In the eye of the storm

While the captain feels like taking another nap

Too young for this.

The low back cracks

And the neck snaps

Just to feel some relief

In the joints that don’t get smoked

Too young to be this tired.

Does anyone else

Always feel drained?

And sleep is the only cure

But sleep

Is too close to death?

I’m just too young to be this tired.

I am only 29

Too young to get lost in the mind

Too old to continue to waste time

The eyes sink-in

And start to close

Too young for this.

These muscles shouldn’t hurt this much.

I haven’t been through that much

That’s probably true

But I cannot honestly say

I know my capacity to deceive myself

But it’d be unfair to the body

When all I did was believe in myself

I am too tired for this.

Too young to feel this way

I should see a chiropractor

Or a Doctor

When your bed is your best friend

You know somethings gotta give soon

I am just

Too young

To be this tired

A mouth for hire

With a body that will soon expire.

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