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The Voice That Whispers Through Hell

‘Don’t give up.’

The universe whispers to me

And I close my eyes

And try to listen.

‘Don’t give up.’

It echos past the stars

And travels around the planets

To find me.

‘Don’t give up’

It pinballs between the ears.

‘Don’t give up’

It’s in the notes from the piano

And in the stillness of the snow.

‘Don’t give up kid.


Not yet.’

It’s in my chest.

In every breath.

‘Don’t give up’

From the eyes to the fingertips.

From the view inside the acid trip.

The quiet whisper


‘Don’t give up.

Take another step.

Take another breath.

Maybe rest a little.

Just don’t

Give up.

There’s still so much to do,

So much

To live for.

Don’t give up.

There’s beauty in the dance;

You just have to give yourself a chance

To feel it’.

Its barely there,

In hell-

The whisper from across the universe.

It’s barely there,

In the hell I create for myself.

So faint,

Just barely audible.

I have to quit out all the noise in my head,

Just to read the lips of my soul.

‘Don’t give up

Not yet.’

It’s in there,

Somewhere in the soul,

Across the universe,

And right here,

Underneath my skin,

Behind my bones,

Around layers of programming,

The voice that whispers through hell,

‘Don’t give up.’

So I don’t.


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