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The Second Wind

They say energy cannot be created, right?

It can only be changed from one form to another–

that’s the law, isn’t it?

I wonder

When a runner

Or a fighter

Is done

When they’ve depleted all of their energy

When exhaustion is about to take over

And just standing takes all their effort

But then

Something happens

Something like a miracle

They get a second wind

They come back stronger

And faster

And motivated

And hungry

This arises from the human spirit


Where does that energy come from?

Someone point me to the people that have a scientific answer for this one

I’d love to pick their brain

But I have a feeling

They’ve never been in a real fight

They’ve never felt like quitting

They’ve never had their arms feel like pipes

They’ve never felt like crying from fatigue

They’ve never dug down deep

And found something inside of them

That science can't measure

They’ve never looked their opponent in the eye

And kept coming forward

They’ve never willed more out themselves then they physically had

But as an athlete

You cannot rely on these second winds

There is a randomness to them

Sometimes your blessed

And sometimes

The fatigue beats you

And the punch coming

Hits you square in the jaw

Moments later

You come to

With the shadows

And the bright lights

Where, why, and when,

these second winds

These rebirths

The resurrections


I would like for science to explain.


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