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The Moments That Make Us Human

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The feeling of skin

on your skin

The hot breath

from a woman on your neck,

as she sleeps in your arms.

The soft and gentle lips on yours

The moment in a fight

when you want to quit,

but you keep fighting

Food so good,

that it is an experience

The emotion that a song stirs

The colors of a sunset,

on a beautiful summer night

The times when you were afraid,


but you did it anyway

The desire to believe in the part of you that believes

The smile of a happy child

The way a mom looks at her newborn,

shortly after birth

The painting that makes you feel so many inexpiable things

The theory that makes you question reality

The man jumping into a river,

to save a drowning stranger

The moment when you tell someone you love them,

and they say it back to you,

and they truly mean it

The poem that helps you understand

what it feels like to be human,

and the understanding,

that you’re not alone in this

It’s moments like these,

that make me feel alive,

and appreciate,

what it might mean,

to be a conscious human

They help me have hope

and see the potential in living.


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