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The Maze

From the beginning your mind is stuck in the most elaborate maze ever made

A maze designed by us

Its up to you to get out

Its up to you to be free

But how do you get out of a maze that you cannot see?

You don’t know your in it for most of your life

You wander around in a constructed system of delusions

And you call it living

Never knowing it isn’t real

It feels real enough to you

But the best delusions often do.

Screens full of misdirections illuminate the paths you take

Your willful ignorance blinds you from mistakes you make

But you start to feel numb

You start to feel hurt and then the panic comes

We built this maze ourselves

To consume and live off our impulses

We did this to ourselves

We thought we were building heaven

But instead we made hell

Now in a hellish maze of the mind

With a ticking clock

Fighting against time

You must take up arms against ignorance

With the only thing you can throw into the ring;

Your balls and your mind.

Maybe some people were made to think

While some people were made to sleep

For our dreams while we sleep

Is just a another layer of the delusions

Rooted somewhere down deep.

You must choose to wake up

To cast aside the comforts that blind you

You must use your mind to break out of the cage

For maybe someday

you’ll use your courage to escape

and be to free of the chains that bind you

The mind is the maze and the mind is the map

Society is a cancer

Culture a trap

Peer pressure is the snake

Squeezing the last of the individual

The last of you

Until your gasping for air

The snake losens its squeeze

Your peers aren’t done with you yet

They decide to let you breath

You must stand as an individual

You must rely on your ability to learn

To adapt

To grow

And somehow

Some way

You’ll navigate through the maze

Or maybe

You’ll choose to stay the same.


The mind must fight the mind

In a constant battle

that will go on forever in time

To shrink or to shine?

To live or to die?

To swim with the current,

Or turn around and try

Just try

Try something

Even if the current roars back

Even if you have to swim with everything in you



Choose life

Choose to try

Don’t let another second go by

For the dark side of your mind

is always there

Ready to try again and again,


The battle is constant

The delusions

the darkness

the maze

the squeeze

The chains

The trap

And the pains

They will drown you if you let them

Do not let them

They only die when you die

And today

You will not die

Today you will fight

And tomorrow too

This is the battle that you must choose

Choose it

I beg you



Escape the maze

And see the world for the first time

See it through your own eyes

And make sense of it with your own mind

But the clock is still ticking

And we are all short on time.

So get to it.

The fight against you started from birth

You must fight against it

And this is your curse.

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