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The Grey

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The world was in chaos.

Half of the people hated the other half.

No one knew what the truth was.

They controlled that.

No one felt safe.

They made sure that was how we felt.

Half the people were ‘murderers’

and the other half were ‘sheep’.

How could this be our reality?

There was no objective reality anymore


there was no truth.

We all become delusional believers in the mystic.

The mystic of our ideologies.

Politics or religion,

it didn’t matter anymore,

it was all the same these days.

Whatever gave us meaning


moral superiority,

we clung to it

and dared not to let it go.

It was easier to stay ignorant.

It was hard to think.

The thinkers were ignored

while the celebrities were praised.

The successful were hated

while the poor were praised for not being greedy.

Collective mindset was normal.

New ideas were rejected.

Old ones were recycled.

The same lies were retold over


over again.

The truth was a mystery.

We were mostly selfish



We stopped evolving


started murdering.

We stopped caring for one neighbor

out of fear of being judged by our other neighbor.

They divided us.

With intent.

With purpose.

What the reason was,

no one knew.

Something big was coming.

Things were changing.

We had fought for 200 years to come together,

just to become enemies because of propaganda that they fed.

A few ate it up.

Even the blind could see their lies.

Still people believed them.

We were confused.

No longer knowing what right and wrong was anymore.

We searched for answers just to find an answer for everything we wanted to know.

Our biases were confirmed.

Our opinions were molded by the comments we red

We were fed what we wanted to see.

In a loop that would repeat forever.

Nietzsche was right,

God is dead

And we did kill him.

Nothing was black and white

Just grey and distorted

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