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Talking To Doubt

‘What if people paid to read a collection of my thoughts?’

‘You?? Your thoughts? Why??’

‘Well maybe some are insightful and charming?

Maybe some are sad and beautiful?

They might pay to read those…?

‘Quiet the ego you have there, kid.

Do you know how many people sell their thoughts??

And you think people will read yours??

What a fool you are, kid.’

‘What if I can help people though?

What if I can inspire?’

‘Is that why you do it, Chester?

Or do you secretly want




and women?’

‘I don’t really know why I still do it, if I am being honest with you.

I had a reason when I started, but I forgot what that reason was a long time ago…

Now it’s just something that I do.’

‘You’re a writer with no direction. You’re a loose cannon kid, but also, somehow, completely predictable.’

‘I am?’

‘C’mon kid, you don’t have what it takes to make it.’


but fuck it, I’m going to try anyways.

One day

I might be alright.’


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