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Smoke Signals

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I could be drowning in a sea of pleasure

And I’d still wish

That I was with her instead

I could have thousands of beautiful women in my bed

And I’d still

want only her

I could be at the bottom of the ocean

And instead of wishing for a breath of air

I’d wish for her to be happy

I could be jumping out of a plane

With holes in my shoot

And instead of wishing for wings

I’d wish she could fly

I could become champion of the world

And my hand could be raised for the world to see


It wouldn’t mean as much

Unless she was there in the front row with me

I could become a famous poet

But only because

She inspired me to be so

I could have everything I’ve ever dreamed of

But if it’s not with her

Then I could burn it all down

And just hope to God

That she sees the smoke

I think someday

that’s what I’ll do.


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