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Our Greatest Invention

This way or that way,

One cannot say.

But at the cliff stands man,

Where he is asked to jump out

into what he doesn’t understand.

From the crawling newborn,

To a man that can stand;

But only a human,

When he takes a stand

Kick the crutches away.

Strip down the culture.

These money hungry vultures,

And the virtue signaling hive,

They are here,

But barely alive.

It's a leap of faith.

It’s a timeless debate.

It’s everything we create.

It’s love and hate.

In circles we go,

With a new era

For the herd to flow.

Enlightened or romantic?

Post-modern or stoic?

Nihilism or existentialism?

A constant search

For an ism

To fill the holes

Left by the unknown.

So many ways to go.

Some many of life's rivers flow.

We can ride the current of the current,

Or rage against our time.

These endless wars

Are only fought in the mind,

And through out

All of space and time.

Man cannot stand

Until he takes a stand.

A newborn calf

A walking zombie

A copy

Of everyone else,

Becoming everyone

But ourselves.

Unread books

Atop of our shelves.

Things left unsaid,

Until the day we wake up


So jump,

Even if you’re unsure.

There’s so much to learn

From failure.

So what if you don’t know for sure?

Who ever said you had to be sure?

The curse of consciousness these days.

Forever seeking certainty

When life certainly

Isn’t certain.

It’s a process–

A journey.

It’s life.

Don’t live it in a hurry

With made up stories

That always leave you worried.

It’s a game

It’s pain

It’s insane

It’s untamed

It’s suffering

It’s a call to arms

It’s love

It’s everything underneath

And everything above .

This curiosity of ours

propelled humankind

from slime in the water

To supercomputers

And rocket ships,

But still,


Our greatest invention

Is our relationships.


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