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Oregon Roads

These long and lonely

Oregon roads

Feel like


They cut through the thick forest

And carve through the mountains

To make a path

For me

To get to where I need to get

Which is

No where

It’s all



And even when I am alone

I am always home

Driving the Oregon roads

They take me to an ocean

Or a waterfall

To the desert

Or a rushing river

With my music up

And the windows down

I cruise these lonely Oregon roads

Somehow searching

For a place to feel like home


When every road

Is known

Then no place can feel special

No place can be


The only thing that does truly feel like home

Is being alone

It’s not these roads

It’s not these views

And not these yellow lines

In the middle of the winding trail

Guiding me along

Escorting me

To where I don’t need to go

A restless soul

Experiencing consciousness with 7.2 billion others

But always

Life is lived alone

And I am my only home

There’s a reason why

These roads feel lonely

Yet somehow

They are still

Worth exploring



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