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There’s a camera on top of the building

Next to this one

And it points

Right at me

I lift up my shirt

And flash it my hairy nipple

Then I give it the finger

It moves with me

Turning as I walk away from it

I had a feeling that it was zooming in on me

Focusing on my ass

I let a fart loose

And just hope

That their audio will pick it up

Whoever ‘they’ are

The ones behind the camera's

I remember when a story came out

About this bar owner

That shared pictures

Of women

Flashing their tits

In this photo booth

That was in the bar

The tit pics got saved to the cloud

And the bar owner

Showed some of his employees

And his friends

You never know

Who is on the other end

Of so many of these camera’s these days

We all have one in our pockets

Every building has one

So many stop lights

So many




These electric cars

So many cameras



As much as they can





Monitoring us

Making sure

We aren’t doing anything

Too illegal

So that’s why

I flash em

And give em the finger

If they want something to see

I’ll show em something


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