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Updated: Feb 17

I won’t beg for you

Or fight for you

I won’t make some grand gesture expressing my feelings

I haven’t worked hard to build my life just to let you take control over it 

I won’t sacrifice my time or energy for you

I won’t compromise if it isn’t worth it

I won’t try to make you love me

I won’t love you because you think that you deserve it

I won’t try to keep you

Or ever make the mistake of thinking that you are mine 

I won’t love you unconditionally 

And I probably won’t ever love you conditionally, either

I can’t change the trajectory of my life for you

I might make one attempt to connect, but that’s it

I won’t marry you

And I won’t divorce you

I aspire to be stronger for myself, not for you

I won’t write books for you

Hell, I won’t even write a poem for you

If you want to be in my life, then just ask

And you’re free to leave whenever you want to

I won’t expect you to stay

No, lately I’ve been learning more from my past. 


I won’t make the same mistakes anymore.

CH 2/16/24

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