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I Also Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

I wonder what I’ll regret when I get old . . .

An inclining creeps up

That what I won’t regret

Is all of the nights going out for drinks with friends

Or all of the dates

Or all of the sex

But what I might regret







At home


Doing nothing

But scrolling through my phone

While watching a meaningless show

And another inclining hits me

That I’ll regret

Working the jobs

That I couldn't stand






Pissed away

At a thankless job

I don’t want to stay in my home

Night after night

Going to bed early

And waking up early

I don’t want that life

And yet

It is a pattern

And a comfort

That I’ve fallen into

“Singing songs of his own cage . . .

Will the door hangs open . . .

Daring the canary

To take flight . . .


He sits still

On his perch


His comfort

In his cage . . .

It’s no wonder his song’s sound so sad.”


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