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Divine Justice

He had been waiting for hours

For his own execution

Sentenced to death

For a crime he didn’t commit

She had accused him of rape

But they both knew

That wasn’t how it went down

She had been drunk

And she

Came onto him

She took the man

Who was currently about to executed

By the hand

And led him to an empty room upstairs

She kissed him

And started taking off his clothes

He was drunk too

He knew she had a boyfriend

But he didn’t care

She stood


And naked

In front of him

And told him to ‘fuck her like it was hislast night on earth.’

So he did

But after a few minutes

Someone knocked

They ignored the knocking

Then the door came crashing down

Her boyfriend had kicked it in


The drunk boyfriend

Pulled the man off of his girlfriend by his hair

Threw him to the ground

And repeatedly kicked him.

The drunk lady just screamed

And started to point and yell



The man would of died right there

If a bunch of people hadn’t of heard all the commotion

And rushed in

To pull the man off of him.

And that folks,

Give or take a few details about the trial and the treatment from law enforcement,

Was how he ended up right here

About to die.

Rape was a crime punishable by death in todays America

He was no longer the person he used to be before that party

He was broken

He was ready to die

He didn’t want to live in a world

Where this could happen to an innocent man

He had always been proud of his honesty

But his honesty did fuck all

When explaining his story to the cops

3 people had said that they had seen him rape her

4 people said that they could see it in his ‘character’ that he could do it

He wasn’t even sure his lawyer had believed him

Only he knew

He didn’t have it in him

To ever rape anyone

But that didn’t matter

Who he really was didn’t matter at all

It was all about how the public saw him

And they now looked at him as a rapist

So now,

Minutes before his death,

He was calm,


He was even happy to leave this world

He used to believe in god

He wasn’t religious

But he believed


That was before

He had spent months

Furiously praying for God to save him

But God never did

And as a result

He gave up

He gave up on life

He gave up on western society

He gave up on everything and everyone

He was ready to die

But more than that

He was begging for it

How meaningless it had all been

His birth and life

All his beliefs and worries


He knew

His death would be meaningless too

He started to walk to the room

Where they would kill him

He closed his eyes

And took a deep breath

And smiled to himself

As he took his last steps

He felt alive

He felt present

He was ready for this

It didn’t matter what happened to him after

He knew

It’d either be nothing


There would be some afterlife

But he was now indifferent about both

If there was a heaven

He wondered if his accusers would end up there

The thought of this

Made him clinch his jaw

There was no justice in this world

There was just

Public opinion

If there was no justice in a world God created

He had little faith there would be a divine justice

He made it to the chair

Gladly sat down

They strapped him in

And in a few seconds

He was gone forever.


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