Dear Lover

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

You will never know what you meant to me.

I’ll never show you.

You’ll never see me again,

I promise you.

And if you do,

I’ll pretend like you don’t exist.

Just like you asked me to.

If you see me out,

don’t look my way,

And don’t look pissed at me.

I know you would though.

You would shake your head,

your eyes would be filled anger

And seeing you flustered would make me smile.

I would walk right past you,

And not look back.

You don’t get another chance.

You are only the inspiration for crappy writing now.

You didn’t really know me back then,

Or now,


I bet you think you did.

I feel like I knew you,

Even though ,

You’ll swear I knew nothing.


I know enough to stay away now.

I hope your life goes to hell.

I hope you move away.

You always move,

Like the goth gypsey you are,

never staying in one place too long.

Well babe,

Maybe it's time for you to move on.

I’d feel better knowing you were gone.

Hundreds of miles away.

If you were dying

And I stopped to help you,

I bet you’d try to refuse.

I bet you’d kick me away

I bet you’d scratch my eyes out with your nails.

I’d keep trying,

And you’d probably kill me too.

I’d probably let you.

We’d die together,

Without really ever having been together.

If there is a heaven or hell,

I’ll go wherever you aren’t.

And if you come to hell,

To disturb my suffering,

To make it worse,

I’d let you.

If you end up in hell,

And me in heaven,

Don’t visit me in heaven.

Let me enjoy it in peace.

Stay in hell.

You’ll fit right in there.

If I leave heaven to see you one more time.

Don’t say anything.

Don’t say my name.

Hearing you say it would be tourtre.

But hey,

That’s hell I guess.

Endless torture from a lovers voice.

The hell I chose.

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