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Caught Up

You'll have to excuse me

I got caught up

Writing about women

And I got caught up

Romanticizing drinking and suffering

And I got caught in a whirlwind of smoke

That I inhaled into my lungs

And blew out my nose

And I got caught up

Being self-righteous

And pointing the finger at them

When it should've been aimed at us

And I got carried away

Thinking I could change the world

And I rolled down a hill

Gaining momentum

As I headed for a cliff

That I just barely


All because I stared into the abyss

And took out my dick

And took a piss on it

Ah, but the abyss bites back

And apparently has a much bigger dick than mine

And I got so wrapped up

In trying to be clever

That I never

Saw my own reflection


It was always just a projection

So forgive me

I got lost in the sauce

And forgot what it is to be an artist

I got caught up

Trying to win

Instead of just expressing what it is

To live

CH 3/20/24

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