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A Perfect Moment Turned Into Erotica For Fetlife

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

I had taken her through an introduction session at my work a few days before, but she didn’t sign up for a membership. But here she was, back for more.

She was younger than our usual member. 37. She didn’t have osteoporosis, like most of the members do. I work with lots of old ladies who have brittle bones. It’s pretty mundane and boring. The old ladies love me but I can’t stand a lot of them. Rich, white and entitled ladies. That’s what my work attracts.

Then she had walked in; young and fucking stunning. She looked like she could’ve been in her twenties. She kept smiling and fidgeting with her hair as I gave her the introduction speech. I was excited. My cock was excited. She had tan skin. It made her exotic looking. Her hair was brown and her teeth were perfectly white and straight. I love a good smile.

After the speech, I took her on our equipment. We had fun. I made bad jokes and she laughed at them. Then I put her on our massage bed. She was lying down when I reached over top of her, to show her how to control the massage. As I was over top of her, I looked down, into her eyes. We had a moment. She told me in a message later, that that was the moment she knew she wanted to fuck me. And here she was, back at my work, on a Saturday. No one was in the center, and I had just taken my last appointment of the day through. We talked for a while. Our bodies were so close to each other. Our feet stayed pointed at each other. The tension was exciting. It was new. It was fucking hot.

Then I grabbed her by the hand and started to do some ballroom dancing type stuff with her. I didn’t know what I was doing, but she was laughing and smiling with me. She smelled so good. Then, I went for it. I kissed her. She responded. My cock was throbbing in my pants. I knew she could feel it pressed against her. We kept kissing, as I grabbed her ass. She looked perfect in a light purple sundress. I lifted up the dress, and squeezed her ass, hard. She let out a moan in my ear. I kissed up her neck, to her ear. I gently bit her ear. She moaned louder. I softly grabbed her throat, and squeezed a little–just to test the waters. Her eyes got wild. I took my hand and lifted up the front of her dress. I touched her pussy through her thong. It was soaking wet. That was it, I was ready to fuck her right there at my work.

I took her to the massage room, away from the camera’s. I lied her down on that same bed she had been in three days before. I got on top of her, gently pulled her hair, and kissed her again. I moved my hips in a circular motion, dry humping her. She was breathing so heavily. I grabbed her hand and moved her off of the bed. She followed my lead, just like when we were dancing. I bent her over and lifted up the dress. I slid two of my fingers deep inside of her. Her pussy was perfect. So warm and wet. I reached around with the other hand and played with her clit. She came so fast.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to thrust my cock deep inside of this woman. I took out my fingers and gently slid in cock. She gasped, and then recoiled. I had barely put in the tip, but I took it out. She looked at me over her shoulder and said, “Gently.” My cock was just throbbing, with the veins pulsing and everything. I very slowly put the head of my penis back inside of her. She gasped again. As slow and as gentle as I could go, I started to hump her. Her response to me was incredible. This goddess was bowing to me. I kept thrusting, and with each thrust, I’d hump her a little deeper and a little harder, until eventually, I was pounding the fuck out of that pussy. Her ass was big and perfect. The sex was perfect. The moment was perfect. She cam again. I did too. But sometimes I can cum twice in a row without stopping. This was one of those times. I kept going. Deeper and harder. When my cock does his trick, the second time I cum is so much better then the first. I build up again. I soak it all in. I really look at her, and take note of everything. I become mindful of every sensation, every sound, every second of fucking her. Then, I cum again. Hard. Real hard. I collapsed on top of her. She held me in her arms, soaked in sweat.

We went on a date the next day and argued about astrology, meaning, psychology and religion. She cried when I walked her to her car. She said that she couldn’t believe that I was writing poetry before the date; about the three women I had previously been in love with. She said, she wanted poetry written about her. I told her that it doesn’t work like that. She asked me if the sex inspired anything in me. I said it was incredible, but that wasn’t what I had been thinking about earlier. I had been thinking about how much being in love hurts. She cried and cried. It got awkward. I hugged her and left feeling hollow.

But hey, Michelle did end up getting her poetry. Unfortunately for her, it is erotica on FetLife now, in an attempt to get me laid.

I will always remember sex with that lady, though. But I will also always remember the horrible date the next day. Chemistry is a funny thing.


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