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The Soul Behind The Aesthetic

What is it about a beautiful woman…?

She doesn’t seem real

Like an angel or piece of art

But I know

She has a soul

And a brain

Behind those beautiful eyes

She’s a person

Not just

Her beauty


She is funny

Or dorky

Or stubborn

She could be anything

But from a 12 feet away

She is just a racing heart to me

And sweaty palms

And self-doubt

Art through the lens of the individual


I make her

All about me

And what she does to me

I think she noticed me staring at her

And she turned away from me

And whispered something to the man she is with

Then they walked away

And I’ll probably never see her again

I wanted to go up to her

While the man she was with was in the bathroom

Just to tell her

That she is beautiful

But instead

I hid behind my laptop

And pretended like I didn’t want to notice her

After she left

I search for the next piece of art

The next most beautiful woman in the room

And then my eyes

Gravitate towards her

And this goes on

Day after day

Moment after moment

This tension lives in the air we breath

And in the glances between strangers

There is something about this tension

That I love

It makes me want to be around a beautiful woman constantly

Just in case

Some day

I get the courage

To go talk to one

And maybe

I will get to know the soul behind the aesthetic

And the soul

Will be even more beautiful.


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