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Cleopatra Can Kick Rocks

The sun and the stars


in comparison to you, babe.

And the pyramids aren’t our most astonishing creation,

you are.

You ever seen a perfect sunset?

I’d rather watch you eat a burrito.

Real moments of beauty,

they come from the soul,

and your soul glows

like the Aurora Borealis on steroids.

Poets are hacks,


if one of those asshats

even tries to capture your beauty

with his shitty words,

I’ll punch him in his pointy nose.

There are no words for you.

There is just awe.

Fuck Mona Lisa,

she’s a monster

compared to you.

Cleopatra can kick rocks,

and Helen of Troy ain’t shit.

I’ll start all the wars for you, babe.


I’ll even stop wars for you.

Just being around you

makes me feel like a kid the night before Christmas,

only amplified and in the adult form.

You make all my past loves look like shit.

It’s that soul.

It’s that energy.

It’s that smile and that laugh.

It’s your sense of humor and your passions.

How all these beautiful qualities formed in one woman,

I’ll never figure that out,

I’ll just appreciate it while it’s in front of me.

So please,

stay in front of me, babe.


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