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Your Turn

Stuck in an epoch

Stuck staring at a blank screen

Stuck in a loop

Stuck in a maze

Things don’t get better or worse. Things just change. And they also stay the same.

Stuck in my house

Stuck at a job

Stuck in my mind

Stuck between the future and the past

Stuck with my lies

And stuck with all the responsibilities of the future

Change happens organically

And so swiftly

We can’t stop it

Or slow it down

We cannot understand it

While simultaneously living it

It is us

And we are it

We are


With each other


There was a time

When we believed that we shouldn’t try to change things

But instead

We should observe

And try to


When we try to change everything at once

Everything burns

Everything burns

And there is

Nothing to learn

So, little bird,

Just observe and learn

Observe and learn

And wait

Wait until

It’s your turn.


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