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You Probably Don't Belong Here

Like two people had complimented my writings so far

And it had already gotten to my head.

I’ve always been a sucker for flattery.

The only problem was,

I didn’t know why I was still doing it;


I had definitely said a lot of shit,

mostly about nothing.

I just sat down,

had something to drink,

and vented about whatever it was I was feeling at that time.

This couldn’t be art,

could it?


I don’t think so.

It was way too easy.

It was just shitty writing.

Let me say this loud and clear for the folks in the back,


I am just a dude who likes to type.

And for some reason, that I didn’t really understand,

I was sharing it with y’all.

“When writers don’t know what to write about, they write about writing”

-Some Asshole Writer Who's Name I Can't Remember Right Now

Well here is a big ‘Fuck You’ to whomever said that gem of wisdom.

Obviously this didn’t apply to me







And like it says on this website,

a few inches above a giant picture of myself,

you probably don’t belong here.

So I think this is a fine poem

and not bad for a guy who isn't really a writer.


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