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You Must Be A Sucker To Be Here

Updated: Feb 14

If you had the ability to absorb the pain and suffering of others, would you use it? Keep in mind that it is your pain and suffering to endure and carry for the rest of your life now. How much could you take? How many people would you save? One? Two? A hundred? Or maybe, no one? Maybe you wouldn’t use it at all? Maybe your own suffering is enough of a burden to bear? Yes, maybe that is it. I suppose it’s different for all of us. Maybe the more people that we love, the more people we’ll want to save. Yes, maybe. If you could see your loved ones live without pain, surely that’d make you significantly happier, wouldn't it? Could that balance out your suffering? Well, maybe. Who's to say really? It’s just a silly thought experiment, not grounded in reality. Right? Or is it? Do some of us have this ability? In a way, isn’t that true? Maybe not… But doesn't the parent not sacrifice him or herself for their kids? Do they not suffer so the child may grow? Suffering out of love for another... What silly being’s us apes have evolved into. What curious, silly, romantic beings we are. Well, some of us, anyways. Probably you, reading this right now. You must be a romantic to read this. A naive ape. A believer of believing. You must believe in magic and love. These words don’t attract the rational. These thought experiments don’t arouse mathematics. I once wrote a poem called Shover Your Math Up Your Ass. It’s very silly and I quite like it. And now I’ve taken away from the thought experiment. Or perhaps I’ve stumbled upon my answer… Let me ask you, dear reader, are you not a romantic? Would you not suffer a little for the ones you love? You’re just like me, a hopeless romantic fool. And these little experimental ramblings are fun for us, aren’t they? No? Well then, carry on.


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