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Wouldn't You?

I think for my next trick

I’ll write a deeply philosophical

And erotic


I’ll combine these two passions of mine

Ignite the spark

And really let loose

Really get deep . . .

Really hammer out the hard stuff . . .

Really pound everything in . . . until something sticks . . .

You know, just your usual philosophical bullshit

And then

Once you’ve been sucked in

Thinking you’ll learn something

I’ll make it sexy

What a book this will be

What a homerun

He’ll be a billionaire werewolf pirate

And she’ll be . . .

Just a regular lady

Sparks will fly

Things will be discussed

Sex will be had

Maybe even food poisoning

And of course

Meaning will be on full display

Shit, maybe it’s a play??

Or would that be considered porn then?

. . . Philosophy and porn . . . ?

. . . Holy shit!

I’d watch the hell out of that!

Wouldn’t you??


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