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Without A Mind


Right here

I am here

Right now



On time


It seems to me

That I left my mind


In the past


In another time

And now

This mind

Just works

In poetry and rhymes

And I’m left

A mess

Without my mind

I wander

This planet

Out of habit

Searching for it

But it is not here

Just I am here

Right now

Right here

The mind is stuck in another’s time

In another space

And this mirage of my life

Is what I chase

I need to fold it

This time and space

To go back

And face the past

But I get distracted in the present

Everytime I see a nice ass

Falling asleep in class

Constantly searching for a nap

So my mind

Stays lost in time

And I stay here

Right here

Right now

Stuck speaking in rhymes

Without a mind that is mine.


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