When Your Feeling's Don't Feel Justified





fill me today.

Like a pot of boiling water,

bubbling up and over the edge.

I'm right at that edge.

You see,


my car died.

I tried to play mechanic

and blew the head gasket.

And the day before,

my laptop broke.

I am also


I want to take a big breath in

and let out a scream,

but before I do,

I try to wipe my selfish lens clean,

and remember,

it’s not always all about me.

There’s a war going on;

an invasion.

Home’s are being destroyed.

Kids are dying.

People are fleeing their own country.

The storm drains in Ukraine

are being filled with blood.

Explosions are rattling the cities.

And I,

I want to feel bad about my situation.

I take a big breath in

and let out a slow exhale.

I clench my jaw

and try to be grateful for my comfy life;

and the blessings that I do have.


it is hard,

and I gnaw at my bottom lip,

to keep from screaming

my favorite profanities.


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