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What's The Price Of A Soul?

What would it take for you to sell your soul?

Would you sell it for love?

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who would sell their soul for success and money?

Would you sell it for knowledge? How about for power?

Is buying a nice car that you can’t afford something you’d chip away a piece of yourself for?

And many of us sell it for security, would you?

But, it seems to me that most of us sell it for no reason at all.

We have to get a job to pay our bills, and most jobs we work suck the fire out of our souls.

Most jobs kill our eyes and steal our time, and we do it just to survive in a life comfortable enough to suit us.

. . .

Would you sell it for sex?

How about drugs? Maybe life is boring and mundane for you and you have to buy drugs to get by?

Do we all have a price on our heads?

Peace sounds like something worth selling your soul for, but is it?

Maybe trading your soul to save someone you love is worth it?

Where is that burning flame that lives inside of you? Do you feed it or starve it?

Is selling your soul just to try to keep small parts of it the American way?

I will always remember the words of an old man with a mustache and goofy hat, as he said to me,

“A free soul doesn’t have a price and that is why it has freedom.”

He sipped his tea and lived his life.

CH 11/10/23

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