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We Can't See In This Sea

From birth

We’ve been cursed


And blindfolded

From the start

Thrown into the sea

And expected to swim

Dodging everyones sins

That’s how life begins

The truth is

That it was never fair

And people only pretend

To care

Different starting points

But the same finish line…

Most of our obstacles

Only live in our mind


That forgot how to shine

The hubris

The ego

Our true crime

We chained ourselves

We can’t see in the sea

We become what we believe

And the world transforms

To what we want to see

What’s the meaning

Of having a meaning?

What’s the point

Of achieving?

What’s the reason

we need to start seeing?


It’s will

It’s not free

Like they say

It has to fought for

Every single day

The freedom to move this world an inch.


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