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We All Need A F@cking Win

There was an active shooter in my hometown today

20 miles north of where I currently live

Something to do with a local gang and the county fair

The details are still murky

My niece and nephew could’ve been there…

There’s a fire 20 miles south of me

But they seem to have that under control


Nothing feels under control right now…

The country has gone batshit

The world is squeezing us

And we’re popping

Our government

Our media

The viruses

The inflation

It turns out

America is very sensitive

Give us a little push

And we lose our damn minds

The riots

And shootings

The suicides and the homeless

Turn up the heat on us

And we pop

Like kernels

Over the flame



It is caving in on me

Surrounded by the squeeze

I can feel the flame

I can hear the pop

I can hear the screams of a local fair in disarray…


We could all use some good news

We need a win

Who’s going to do it?

Are you?

Will I have to try?

You want me to rage against the squeeze?

I’m just a man…

I’ll pop too

I need you

And you need me

You and me

Need to become a we

And then we

Need to get a fucking win.


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