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True Today

There really is no point in being arrogant.

If you are, then you’re wrong.

You have confidence in what?

Praise is a poison.

Success is a trap.

We do not know what’s best for us.

Praise is a poison.

Failure is clarity.

And success isn’t a map.

It’s not a way to go,

It’s a trap,


People stumble into.

They love you.

They love you.


They drop you.

Drop you.

Just for staying true to you.

Just for being true.

They’ll lift you up,

And worship you,

Just to kill you—

So they can feel


And important.

We love creating idols.

And we love seeing them struggling to reach our unrealistic expectations that we set for them.

It was always a rigged game.

Even when you win,

You lose.

Even the paths you think you choose,

Get chosen for you.

What a mess of depressing chatter.

I am sorry, folks,

For being

True today.

Tomorrow, I’ll be romantic again.


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