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Trick Or Treat?

There’s young couple here,


it’s painfully obvious

that they are deeply

in love with each other.

He has red hair and a mustache.

She also has red hair but no mustache;

just a few piercings and a beautiful smile.

Watching them makes me happy

but also,

depressed as hell.

They are both free spirits-

both uniquely original.

It's pretty rare these days,

to see a young couple,

who are both unique free spirits

and madly in love.

It’s a treat really.

I once saw them wearing matching clothes.

He wore women's clothes

and she wore the same stuff she always does.

They were both working together;

serving me drinks.

I drank alone and watched them.

She is 24 and he is 20.

I know she is moving to the east coast soon;

which makes watching them in love,

a bit tragic.

It’ll all end soon.

How can watching two people fall in love,

be both tragic

and a treat?


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