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I don’t want to talk to anyone


I want to drink alone


I want to cry when and wherever,

without the judgemental eyes staring at me


I want to write alone


I don’t want a beautiful woman to lay naked in bed with


I don’t want to fake it


I don’t want to pretend to be happy

and I don’t want to talk about the grief either


I don’t want to see her


I want to be completely left alone


I want to fall asleep,



I don’t care about myself


I want to listen to the piano

and sit in the sun

and try to forget about everything


I am crying out for help

but no one is around to hear my cries


I don’t really want to be alone

but I don’t know who I want to reach out to

I have the booze,

and weed,

to keep me company.

I have an empty house to go to tonight.


The tears hit the keys more than my fingers do


I will drive home drunk

Judge me if you want to

I don’t care anymore.


The darkness wins

A man died last night

A good man

I should’ve been better to him

but i wasn’t

I am hardly ever better to the people that deserve it.

So leave me alone today,

and also,

please don't leave me alone.


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