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This Mind Is Not Mine

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

This mind is not mine

Its made up of

So many pieces

I didn’t choose

I have to tear it down

And attempt

To rebuild

With something like

My own influence on it

This mind is not mine

It’s a minefield

It’s an algorithm

It’s everything I’ve ever been taught

It’s trauma and time

It’s not mine

It’s all the little variables

That shape my thinking

Its the west

And Jesus

And Capitalism

It is my parents

And my siblings

It’s my friends

And social media

It is the chaos

Of the internet

Sometimes I feel

Like the internet

Is just a reflection

Of our own psyche

It’s the ADD

That everyone seems to have these days

This mind is not mine

It is you

And everything we choose

It’s the intentional and unintentional

It’s the Other

It’s the collective

This mind is not mine

It’s a piece of the hive

It's everything in front

And everything behind

This mind is not mind

I only have

A slight influence on it

Brief moments of freedom

Provide opportunities

To nudge my programming

In a slightly different direction

This mind is not mine

It’s all of the writers and thinkers

That have molded the collective conscious

This mind is them

And everything else

It’s all of nature

And the collective behavior

It’s Plato and his teacher

It’s N.W.A playing through my speaker

It’s my third grade teacher

And a baptist preacher

This mind is not mine

It’s you and Camus

It’s Dostkesky

And Dirk Noweski

It’s Bukowski

And Orwell

It’s the God in heaven

And the Devil in hell

This mind is not mine

It is

The current time

It’s history

Stuck on rewind

It’s science and art intertwined

This mind


To the bong

And a fighter

Who declared himself a writer

The little blonde boy

Who was always so hyper

This mind is not mine

It’s a mine

That I must dig into

To find

My gold

Buried in the darkness

Deep under the layers

I peel them back

And find led

With the potential

To shine

And maybe then

I can make some of this mind



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