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Their Love Story

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

They danced together.

They kissed each other.

They smelled the other one.

They held onto each other tightly.

They fell in love.

Then, they got married.

They went on a honeymoon.

They made a child.

They gave birth to a son.

They fought.

They barely slept.

They struggled.

They watched their son grow.

They got joy from the sound of his laughter.

They fought some more.

They bought a new house in a new town.

They got in a car accident.

They had medical bills to pay.

They didn’t have the son they used to.

They fought often.

They held onto resentments.

They lied to each other.

They kept secrets.

They couldn’t agree on how to discipline their son.

They thought having another kid would help.

They were wrong.

They got more medical bills.

They weren’t very happy anymore.

They tried hard to make it work.

They went to counseling.

They spiced up their sex life.

They tried to express their grievances to each other.

They flirted with other people.

They cheated.

They blamed each other.

They fought.

They hit each other.

They tried to hide it from the kids.

They loved their daughter.

They loved their son.

They didn’t love each other.

They didn’t love each other . . .

They separated.

They saw each other on the birthdays and graduations of their children.

They got old.

They were alone.

They were struggling.

They tried to find new partners.

They couldn't.

They met their grandkids.

They tried to make it work again.

They thought it was their last chance at love.

They got back together.

They fought.

They fought.

They fought.

They decided that they weren’t meant to be together.

They were alone, again.

They were getting older.

They gained weight.

They didn’t care anymore.

They died.

They were alone when they did.

They were buried by their kids.

They were remembered by their grandkids.

They got buried right next to each other.

They get visited once a year.

They have flowers on their gravestones.

They, for one fleeting moment in time, got to be in love.

CH 11/21/23

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