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The View

A slick prick

With a quick wit

Who never knew how to use it

Until he started to fight

Until he started to write

The spark was bound

To ignite

And bust into a flame

I was always going to go a little insane

I like pain

Too much

And I can never

Just shut the fuck up

So I let it out

Like a supernova

Just to show ya

That I be


That I can do

Something worth doing

Just to show me

To me

Reflecting back



From inside

The nativity

Of what I appeared to be

Broke through the chains

Just to be a little free

I had to fist fight with fear

Just so I could

Look myself in the mirror

And choose

To stay here

Behind these eyes

Behind these lies

The life I’ve written

Hasn’t written me out yet

Not until I carve my name

In the hollywood sign

And take a shit

On that sidewalk

With the names

And handprints

A big fat shit

On George Cloony

And Tom Hanks

Maybe a piss

On Clint


That jackass

Stole my name

So he gets the yellow snow

And the middle finger

Carve my name in the chaos

And let it linger

In the air

With the poison

Let it float in the sea’s

With the plastic

And when I am gone

Let it live on

At least I hope this world

Lives on

After I am gone…

If not

Then so long


We had good times

Getting high

And making out

Lunch wasn’t that bad

When it was with you

The view

Of the naked monkeys

And the poisoned planet

Wasn’t that bad

With you there too.


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