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The Side That We Don't See

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The restless mind

is both anxiety



The nerves we feel

can be perceived



Fear can be the place we need to go


the place we need to avoid.

Love can be the motivation for living


it can also be the most destructive force we know.

The ego can be used to become great at something.

It can also make you a poison to other people.

The death of the ego

Is usually just the creation

of a bigger,

worse ego.

The dogmatic belief can make it seem like we can now see things


but usually it’s the thing that blinds us the most.

Through depression,

the best art can be born,

but it is also,

endless torture of the mind.

The woman you fell in love with,

can be the muse for the creative parts of your soul,

that you never knew was brewing deep inside you.


that focus on that past love,

is too often,

the poison the artist choices to sip on.

In order for the intelligent mind

to see the world clearly,

it has to step outside of the box

that his peers live in.

This will help him gain perspective

on the ways of living

and through that new perspective,

he can better help his fellow man.

But by doing this,

he makes himself an outsider to them.

An observer

more than a participant.

And he will be rejected by the fellow man he was attempting to help.

Nothing is easy.

Nothing is clear.

Nothing is black and white.

Something can one thing one moment

and then,

with a change of perspective,

that something,

can become something completely different.

They tell us that we need to trust our thoughts and feelings.

I tell them to kick themselves.

How the hell can we trust what we don’t understand?

There are two sides to every coin,

but we only see the side that is facing us.

and maybe,

the value to that coin,

the value to your thoughts

the value to your feelings,

lies in knowing that there is a side

that you cannot see.

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