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The Present

The future exist

As long as

I do


I am presently

Made up of

All of the moments

Of the past

I am in the middle of two points

The future

And all the possibilities

While simultaneously

Created by all of the variables of the past

And all of the choices I’ve made

That have led me

Right here

I am alive

In the middle

Of the future

And the past

But it does not feel

Like I am at a point on a line

But rather

A point

In a


My intuition tells me

That time doesn’t move forward

And the past isn’t behind me

It is all

Within me

It is all within me


Without of me

It is

And it isn’t

It’s a loop

But also




It is a point in the middle of a circle

I’ve been here before


I’ll be here again

I jogged a trail today

That I used to jog

10 years ago

And I had a moment

Where I saw my younger self

Jogging on a railing

Next to the trail

Like I used to do

All of those years ago



Not a worry about falling off

10 feet below

Just stride after stride

In perfect motion

And he/I was so


And so


And so


I jogged along him

And he

Along me

My memory . . .

He didn’t feel like me

He felt so




And for a second

I envied him

But I realized

I am him

And he is me

The present me

Is the vision

Of that kid


The present me

Is still

That energetic

Past me

I am both

The past vision of myself for the future

And present memory of the past

I am

All of my life

At once

The beginning


The future

And all of the potential

It all lives in my spirit

In every moment

I am the present,

The past,

And the future,

All mixed together

In a cocktail

We call



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