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The Pawn Against The God

Tonight I am skipping training

To ‘recover’

It’s a rest night

No boxing

No Jiu-jitsu

No kickboxing

No wrestling


I am doing an entirely different type of fighting

One with myself and ideas

A fight with words and dreams

Pain is my opponent

And so is hope

And belief

I must capture them

Mold them and fold them

To express what they are

What they can be

I must dive deep

And pull from depths

Something new

Something creative

This is a fight

That won’t end tonight


This is a fight that is just getting started

Meaning and death

Grief and evil

Reality and consciousness

Nature and life

They are my opponents

And they beat me down

Until my legs go

Like a newborn calf

They are above my weight

And they fight better than I do

But still

I must press on

And endure

And pressure them

It’s calm in chaos

And always

Belief that I can do it

But they are grand

And I am tiny

Just a man

They are the gods

And me

Their pawn.

Have you ever seen a pawn take on a God?

Well buckle up.


I do know what shaking my fist at God will get me…

Oh well,

let's see how many times I can get up.


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