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The Only Question That Truly Matters

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The belief in the mystical,


the belief in the material-the objective?

The individual right to pursue happiness,


the belief in doing what’s best for the collective?

Conditional love,


unconditional love?

To not think at all,


to think deeply about everything?

Eastern philosophy,



One religion,


all religions?

To have kids,


not to?

To chase a dream,


to have security?

To live in the present moment,


to plan for the future?

Is free-will an illusion?

Where do our thoughts come from?

Are we alone in this universe?

What’s worth living for?

And what’s worth dying for?

Are they the same thing?

What is worth suffering for?

Is man innately good,


innately selfish?

Does the line of good and evil really go down the middle of the hearts of every man, woman and child?

Just how important is telling the truth?

How has the internet changed us?

What’re the consequences of living in fear?

How will virtual reality and artificial intelligence affect us?

Is there a price for knowledge-

a disconnect?

Is there a lot of narcissism in self-loathing?

Are we over stimulating ourselves?

How big of a leap will human lifespan take in my lifetime?

What do we need to plan for?

Have we evolved past the function of government?

To love,


to remain somewhat rational?

Is life worth living?

Why do some people kill?

How selfish are we?

Does manifestation work?

Is there any truth to astrology?

Is psychology overrated?

Does therapy work?

Do you love me?


do you?

I’ve opened up my skull,

and showed you the brain of a madman.

I’ve shown you the questions I am constantly asking myself.

I’ve ripped out my heart

and revealed what’s inside.

I’ve shown my spirit.

I’ve put my soul under a microscope and let you observe it.

I’ve bleed on these keys.

So, what is it?

Is it love?


I am talking to you.

What’s the verdict here?

Am I a guilty man?

Do I care too much about you?

Did I make something bigger than what it actually was??

Do you hate me…?

Do you miss me…?

Do you want to get a drink soon…?

Out of all the questions that i’ve been asking,


and only this,

is the question

that truly matters to me.











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