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The Only Fight

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

You are in a fight,

Regardless if you want to be in one or not.

A fight for your life


its life that you must fight against.

LIfe will hit you with the jab,

make you back up.

Hit you with the jab again

Right between the eyes.

And again,

Right in the eye socket.

Your face will swell.

You will be dazed with every punch.

And then,

Life will land the cross.

It’s up to you to decide to take a step forward

And confront life.

Or you can keep getting pushed back.

Beat up.



In a shell of cowardly defense.

You have to defend your life with your life.

Because your life is worth living.

Throw the jab back every time life throws one at you.

You must.

You must fight back

Or life will kill you

And you will die never having lived.

And that is the saddest tragedy of life.



If life throws the cross.

Slip and fire back.




Go forward.

Push life backwards.

Set your feet

And fire back.

Fire back with everything in you.

Look directly into the eyes of life.

Look directly at your target

And fight back.


And jab again

Keep jabbing

Fill life’s face with jabs

Light life up

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